Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Eagle Hunter

Day 4 in Mongolia

Tsengel SCC - Second day

The time is passing slower than what I had anticipated.  I have only been in Mongolia for 4 days.  The days are long and busy, not much time for rest.  I am up much earlier than usual, waking early to sounds of russian jeeps racing through town.  But I feel well rested...the nights are dark, quit and cool.  After washing in the basin in my room (no running water), I begin with adding to my report from the prior days work with the credit union.  We generally start at 9 am and go to 5 or 6pm.  Then on to some social event or activity.  I fall asleep very fast...unusual for me.

The weather is turning colder.  I am cold all day.  With the cold brings the smell of burning dung in the air.  There is not much wood or other fuel sources.  Oddly enough the smell is relaxing and what I will remember most of this beautiful land.  When I go out to the toilet at night I wear my head lamp, I can see the ash in the air reflecting off my light.  I am nervous going out to the toilet at night because there are wild dogs (likely rabid) all around scouring for garbage thrown out from the day.   The barking of many others in the distance.  Dogs are not my best friend at home.  I walk anxiously, fearful I will see that blue reflection in there eyes from my head lamp.  It occurs often.  They just continue about their business.

The days are gratifying.  A sense of accomplishment after each day.  I look forward to each day working in the credit union.  The main issue facing the credit union is attracting deposits.  A difficult challenge as mistrust hangs in the communities.  It will be a significant challenge to their plan for growth.  The credit union is anxious to grow.  After some discussion on how they can over come this mistrust and strategies and tactics for attracting deposits.  I turn to Conexus.  I share with them how we source deposits, and how we manage funding needs.  I was reluctant to go in this direction, after all they are a world a way and a fraction of our size.  Surprising the tactic works.  Ideas flow and we are able to adapt for their needs...after all we are both credit unions with similar goals.  We put somewhat of wealth management idea together...thanks Lance.

At lunch, we take a break.  We visit an eagle hunter.  The hunter takes the eagle from the mothers nest at birth.  After 14 years, the eagle is released back in the wild.  This eagle is 8.  Can't say I do that on my usual lunch breaks.

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