Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Beginning

By now you likely know that I volunteered with the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA) to be part of their international credit union coaching and mentorship program.  I will be sharing my Conexus experience’ and other credit union system knowledge with the leaders of Mongolian credit unions.  It is my hope that these experiences and knowledge will help them as they build their credit union system – after all, we share similar goals as cooperative financial service providers:  meeting the financial needs of our members and strengthening our communities. 

I am most excited to learn about their credit union system and the relationships that exist between the credit union and their members, and their communities.  We all have something to share. 

My itinerary goes like this:  depart for Ottawa September 4th for 3 days of training at CCA; arrive in Mongolia Sunday September 9th; visit two credit unions – about 1 week each; arrive back home Sunday September 23rd, back in the office Monday.  The credit unions I am partnered with are:  Tsengel Hugjil and Biluu Khugjil.  Both credit unions are in North Western Mongolia.  Each credit union has just under 1,000 members. 

I would like to promise that I will post something every day, however this will likely not be possible. 

Lastly, but most importantly, thanks to Conexus for supporting me and this initiative.   Thanks to all corporate finance staff for covering while I am away.  Thanks to communications and IT for keeping me connected so that I can keep in touch with everyone at Conexus.  Thanks to my family for letting me go.